What to do after a job interview

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Wednesday, April 06, 2022

So, you’ve had an interview for the role of your dreams. That’s great, but what now? The waiting period can catch you unprepared and leave you feeling anxious and stressed while you wait to hear back.

It doesn’t have to be this way! There are things you can do to follow-up and take control of the wait. Whether you think it went well or badly, in this article we cover what you can do after your interview to help manage the waiting period, and improve your chances of landing the role.

Follow up with an email or phone call

It’s easy to think that your application process stops after your interview, but it’s not the case. Your best bet of leaving a great impression, is to follow-up personally with a call or email. Either of these may help to accomplish the goal of leaving your interviewer with as positive of an experience as they gave you. The contents of the email doesn’t have to be extensive. Rather use this as an opportunity to thank the interviewer for their time, and make yourself available to answer any questions that they may have.

Re-play the interview and identify areas for improvement

Whether or not you secure the role, your interview can be a valuable lesson for you about your strengths and areas for improvement. Mentally re-playing the interview can help you feel more at peace with the decision. It can also help you to identify new areas of focus, and practice for your next interview.

Call your referees and let them know that you interviewed

After an interview, your prospective employer will likely be prompted to contact anyone you’ve listed to provide employment or character references on the application. It’s always wise to give your contacts a call, and advise them that you’ve interviewed for a role in which you’ve used them as a referee. Doing this makes your references more aware that they may be contacted; they may be more keen on picking up calls for unknown numbers. It can also help them prepare to have answers at the ready in the case that they do receive a phone call.

Open rapport around an employment timeline

As well as thanking your interviewer and letting them know that you’re available for any questions they may still have, as part of any follow up you may do it may be appropriate to ask about the timeline for hearing back about the role or next steps. Useful phrases to help you do this can include:

  • Please advise of any possible next steps should I be chosen to move forward in the selection process, or;
  • Looking forward to connecting soon. Please let me know if you need anything else for consideration for the next steps in your process.

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