What do candidates want?

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

There are many reasons for the lack of candidates on the market at the moment; Brexit, those eligible taking early retirement, and millennials focusing on the gig economy rather than dedicating themselves to one sole position. In this market it is important for employers to reassess their offering to ensure they are competitive, and winning the talent that is open to opportunities. We have looked at the top benefits that candidates are looking for in their next role, and have shared them with you so you can make sure you are remaining competitive.

Hybrid or remote working

An element of working that was utilized in the pandemic and that many companies have continued to practice is working from home, either fully remote roles or hybrid working. However, many companies are causing controversy as they insist on employees returning to the office full time. It is clear that this is an element of working that candidates want to continue, and a quality that they look for in their job search. Aside from allowing flexibility, it also gives a clear indication of a companies culture, signaling that there is an element of trust from your boss for employees to work remotely.

Learning & development opportunities

Candidates tend to stay with a company that has a route for progression, or shows a certain amount of investment in their staff. Employees are looking for development opportunities in their next job, so businesses that offer courses and opportunities for staff to improve and develop their skills, are already at an advantage in this competitive market.

Better salary

It is not a secret that the cost of living is rising at an extraordinary rate, and salaries are having to work hard to keep up. Whilst a higher salary is by no means the only thing that candidates are searching for, it pays to regularly assess what you are paying your staff, to avoid other companies tempting them into a new role. Check out our 2022 Salary Guide here to help you assess your employees wages.

A quick recruitment process

In such a candidate led, competitive market, it is crucial to ensure your recruitment process is swift and straightforward. The optimum time from application to hire is 10 days – that gives you an idea of how quickly employers have to move! Understandably, if you are already stretched thin, it’s possible that you don’t have time to recruit that quickly. That is where Plus One come in. We can run the recruitment process for you, so that all you have to do is decide whether you like them or not! If you need to recruit to your team, register a vacancy with Plus One today and we will be in touch.