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Wednesday, April 06, 2022

For many, 2020 signalled the end of thousands of careers, sending many down entirely new roads in order to thrive amid the new normal. If you were among this crowd, you’re in good company, as the Great Resignation reskilled millions of workers, and introduced thousands to new dream roles. The pandemic forced many businesses to re-evaluate their current operating procedures to new and current roles, which is just one of many reasons why now is the time to find your dream job.

Below, we explore why finding a new role right now would be a strategic move, and offer insights to help you get the most out of your next transition.

Salaries are the highest they’ve been in decades

One of the main reasons why it’s ideal to start your job search now, is the bump in salaries. Throughout the UK salaries have risen to their highest point in over 20 years, prompting many to seek their next highest level of success. Many believe that the jump in spending is warranted, as people struggle to adjust to remote office structures.

Employers are motivated to include additional benefits

Amid the Great Resignation, many people quit due to the state of events in the world. To keep team members from leaving in droves, employers rose to the occasion. Now motivated to boost their retention rates and save on new hire costs, not only do salaries continue to trend upward, but the rate of new and improved benefits packages continues to grow.

As the pandemic began, many businesses began to re-evaluate the quality and scope of their benefits packages as the overall employee experience was re-evaluated. Viewed through the lens of the employees’ quality of life and mental health, rather than the motivation to provide them with the bare minimum to save big, once scant packages were given several upgrades.

More starter roles vacant than ever before

With every wave of the Great Resignation, employers are looking to fill more entry level slots than ever before. If you’re in the market for a career change, or are looking for additional opportunities to earn, this could pose great benefit for you as you can train in new types of skills and specialisms.

Flexible working is “in”

Looking to bring your dog to work, enjoy extended lunches, or work exclusively from home? Now is a great time to seek these elements in a role. Flexible working is a massive focus for employers of all types, and could mean that you could walk into a new employment situation that is tailored to your needs.

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