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Friday, December 22, 2023

With the jobs market starting to slow down to pre-pandemic levels, companies becoming more selective when it comes to making hiring decisions, and more candidates on the market due to redundancies, it’s time to make sure that your CV is working for you!

Despite the rise of AI writing tools and recruitment screening processes, your CV is something that you shouldn’t leave to the computers. After all, no one knows you and your history better than yourself, and using AI could leave you with a generic boilerplate resume that won’t impress anyone.

Yes, your CV is still essential to finding work, and almost every company will want to see yours. If you haven’t updated yours in a while or find that you’re not progressing to the next stage in the application process, then it’s time to stop and ask, “Is your CV helping you to get interviews?”

It’s this topic that our director, Stuart Moore, answers in our latest video. Stuart’s seen and done it all in the world of recruitment, and he knows exactly what recruiters want to see (and what they definitely don’t want to see) in a CV. Broadly speaking, his advice boils down to three top tips:

  1. Imagine your CV is a marketing advertisement about you
  2. Make sure your CV and LinkedIn profile match
  3. Properly spell and grammar-check your CV



The video goes into a lot more depth and has many more tips, so click the video link below and give it a watch to make sure your CV is really working for you. Outside of that, here are some other tips that will make sure your CV isn’t letting you down:

  • Make sure your CV is tailored to the jobs you’re applying for, as one of the biggest mistakes jobseekers make is sending out a generic CV to every recruiter
  • Employers are busy people, so ensure your CV is clear and concise
  • Ask your friends, family, or recruitment experts to have a look at your CV to spot if you’ve missed anything obvious

Aside from the above, we have produced a lot of useful tools, videos, information and cheat sheets for jobseekers. You can trust our
advice for jobseekers as we’ve been helping people into employment since 2005. You’ll find that we provide a professional service, delivered by a friendly and approachable team of experts.

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