Frequently Asked Questions – Client Edition

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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Here at Plus One, we know that the decision of whether to use a Recruitment Agency is not always an easy one. Employers can have many questions about the benefits, processes and the associated costs involved. Below are the answers to some of the most common questions that we are asked by hiring managers.

1. What do you do for your fees?

Probably the most frequent question that we are asked, is what we actually do for the fees that we charge. A common misconception is that Recruiters have a ready-made list of potential candidates, and that we just run a quick search, email over a couple of CV’s and then put our feet up! Whilst we do have our own, extensive database of candidates, all recruitment projects are unique to every client. We will therefore create an entirely new shortlist of suitable candidates from those already registered, as well as approach active and passive candidates, sourced from external databases such as LinkedIn. This multi-media approach ensures that we will find you the most suitable, available candidates to interview for your job vacancies. The in-depth and painstaking research involved, can take many hours of the Recruiters’ time, but is an integral part of the process, and we carry this out on behalf of every client. In addition, we will also advertise your vacancies on our own, highly-ranked (Google) website, as well as several well-known UK job sites and social media channels.

Another belief is that we work solely on behalf of candidates – this is not the case. We work primarily for our clients and match the ideal candidate to them and their role. Once we introduce your new employee, we follow up with you and check in periodically to make sure that everything is going well. If the newly-appointed candidate leaves you within 100 days of their start date, we will source a replacement candidate for completely free of charge – this is our ‘100 Day Placement Promise’.

2. How do you vet / screen your candidates?

The screening process is one that we take very seriously and is a mandatory part of the due diligence that we implement your behalf. All candidates are required to show proof of their eligibility to work in the UK, along with proof of any required professional qualifications.

This part is the factual, administrative part of the process. Of equal importance is the Recruiter’s own Q&A session with a prospective candidate, where we talk at length with a candidate about their suitability for your vacancy, scrutinise their CV and application, and ensure that by the time that they come to you for an interview, that they are not only absolutely able to carry out the job required, but that they have the right motivations and personal drivers to WANT to carry out the job.

By the time our candidates are shortlisted for a position, they will have full sight of a job description and full disclosure of the identity of your business as a potential employer, so that they can carry out their own research and prepare for the interview. It is important that the candidate is happy to be put forward for the role, so that they are fully engaged in the process and interested in the position that they are applying for.

3. Where do you advertise our vacancies?

Our vacancies are advertised across a number of online platforms with a reach of literally millions of people. This includes our own social media channels, including LinkedIn. If we are advertising a role on your behalf, it has the potential to be viewed by many thousands of active candidates, who may be searching for a new role.

4. Why should we use Plus One instead of other recruitment agencies?

In addition to all of the above, our most important assets are our Recruiters. All of our staff enjoy regular, industry-leading training, which ensures that they are up to date with the ever-changing job market, as well as any changes in legislation. This enables our team to provide support and guidance to our clients throughout the lifecycle of a recruitment campaign and beyond. Our ‘100 Day Placement Promise’ also provides you with real peace of mind that should the candidate leave within the first 100 days of their employment commencing, we will find you a like-for-like replacement free of charge.

If you are finding it difficult to fill a position in your company, and you can’t find the answers to your questions here, please feel free to get in touch with our Client Relationship Manager, Matthew Stacey and he will be happy to assist.