Why are Recruiters still worth speaking to during Covid-19?

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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

In this climate, it is understandable that many employers have put recruitment projects on hold or are having to adjust their workforce planning. However, just because you are not calling us to support you with recruitment, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop talking to us altogether.

There is much value that you can still leverage from our expertise in order to make the most out of your relationship with your Recruiter and help you to plan for when recovery comes.

1) Interviewing Techniques

We are often advising our candidates in order to help them prepare for interviews, but employers can gain access to that help too. Perhaps you have managers in your company who are relatively inexperienced at conducting interviews?

A well-structured, purposeful interview can allow you to ‘sniff out’ the candidate who may have over-stated their abilities, or enable you to discover the candidate who has hidden their skills behind a veil of modesty and who would be a potential super star within your team.

If you think your interviewing skills could use a brush up, then give us a call. We have the resources and expertise available to ensure you get the most from these brief interactions.

2) Help shape your hiring plans, improving on efficiency and cost-effectiveness

Although we are in uncertain times, it’s helpful to understand the impact that Covid-19 is having on your organisation. This is a great opportunity to take the time to talk through your workforce planning. We are happy to provide advice on how best to attract suitable candidates and also guide you on salary and benefits. (Do you have a copy of our complimentary 2020 Salary Guide yet?).

All of this valuable intelligence could when you come to plan for recovery, ensuring that you are well positioned to secure the right talent for your business.

3) Help develop your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)

 As specialist regional Recruiters, we have gained valuable insight from jobseekers about what’s important to them when they look at potential employers. It might surprise you to learn that a big salary is not necessarily the key driver for most people! Again, we can provide you with ‘on the ground’ insight that you could use to further develop your EVP, to gain some advantage when hiring and retaining your workforce.

4) Being pro-active in ensuring you hear about the best available talent for your business

Letting us know in advance about the types of people that you are keen to hear about means that we are able to think of you first when that person first comes on to the market. They say that the ‘early bird catches the worm’, so what better time to ensure you’re first in the quewe when it comes to initiating communication with the best talent? Utilise our experience to gain some hiring advantage over your local competitors.

5) Overcoming remote-hiring challenges

If you are still looking to hire but are unsure of how to progress, with both social distancing measures in place and remote working as the new norm, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have resources available on how to on-board from home, how to host a Zoom/Skype/MS Teams interview and how to ensure that you are still able to talk to the most suitable candidates on the market right now.