An upsurge in employment opportunities is great news for jobseekers!

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

The last year (and a bit), it’s safe to say, has not been an easy one for anyone, least of all jobseekers and those looking to change careers, move up a step or in a fresh change of direction. What was once a fairly commonplace process became near-impossible for many people, as the pandemic and the UK’s subsequent lockdowns meant most business was put on ice.

But we are slowly nearing the end of the tunnel. Although the Delta variant now means that the lifting of lockdown is going to be a little later than expected, UK businesses, aided by the vaccination drive, have been reopening gradually and feeling their way back into the groove.

As businesses do so, they are also looking at how to regain lost ground, and even gain an edge against their competitors. But how does a business boost growth? The simplest answer is: people. Without candidates to fill roles, growth is going to be all but impossible for all but a handful of small operations.

The recent statistics are certainly encouraging, suggesting that businesses are looking to do just that. UK hiring recently hit its highest rate in 23 years, whilst May saw the highest amount of jobs vacancies since the pandemic hit — some 657,000 open vacancies. On top of that, there’s been a record rise in the amount of workers on payroll in May.

A high level of vacancies means that there are plenty of opportunities out there for you. But of course, a vacant position does not necessarily mean that the right candidate has found it. When there are a lot of vacancies available, it also means that there is a skills shortage within the workforce. The long-term trends — as before the pandemic — point to major skills shortages in IT and computing. Brexit has also meant that much of the EU workforce has left the UK’s labour market.

Whilst these are pressing concerns for employers, for jobseekers this potentially represents an opportunity. For example, identifying where there are skills shortages in your industry or profession (and working on those same skills) will put you in a uniquely powerful position as a candidate to impress potential employers. You will have not only demonstrated the hard skills to fulfil the position, but also the dedicated learning and self-motivation that any good employer would highly prize.

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