Should I think about getting a new job?

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Friday, September 21, 2018

Everyone strives to be reaching their potential, moving forwards in life and enjoying a healthy work life balance – so if you don’t feel challenged, or dread going into work every day, then it’s worth considering other options.

  • Has your workplace got possibilities for career progression or sideways moves?

A big workplace motivator for most people is the opportunity to learn new skills and progress professionally. A lot more companies these days are recognising the importance of nurturing their staff members, in order to retain and reward hardworking people. If you therefore find yourself stuck in a role without room for recognition or promotion, you should ask yourself whether this job is right for you in the long-term.

As well as moving upwards, sideways moves can also be a valuable chance to experience a different area of the business and extend your knowledge – so these should also be considered when deciding if you should look for a new job.

  • Have you identified and voiced frustrations with your current position?

If you have a few particular issues and frustrations with your current position, then you should voice these to your employer before deciding to move elsewhere – as there may be an easy solution which would greatly increase your happiness in your current role.

By giving your employer the chance to retain you first by explaining your issues, you will either be able to change elements of your current job to make you happier or at least be able to move on knowing more clearly what you’re looking for in your next role.

  • Is the grass greener?

When feeling stressed by deadlines, or working with difficult people it’s natural to feel like jumping ship and moving on to something else – so it’s important to take a step back and realistically consider the pros and cons before acting rashly. This will allow you to decide whether the issues you have with your current job are actually fairly minor, or only short term, or if they are more substantial.  

  • Are you in the right role?

It may be that the role you’re in just isn’t right for you – in which case looking for one where the work is more suited to your skills and what you enjoy doing is the best decision, to give yourself the chance to thrive.

Our friendly team are happy to help, by getting to know your skills and qualifications, and what type of role you’re looking for. They will then use this information to identify potential jobs tailored to you. We’ve helped thousands of people find employment in the Oxfordshire and Warwickshire area, so for assistance finding your perfect job, get in contact with us.