New Year, New Career?

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Monday, January 14, 2019

January marks the beginning of a whole new year, and the perfect time to reflect on what you’ve achieved in the last 365 days, as well as what your goals are going forwards. Career-wise, you may be looking for a change of path – and we can help you progress professionally or make changes towards finding the perfect job to suit your lifestyle.

  • Make a fresh start at a new company

Whether you’re looking to move to find a healthier work/life balance, change industries and try something new, or move into a more supportive and efficient team – we take the time to learn about the changes you want to make to your career, and then make them a reality.

  • Find fulfillment in your job

From being underworked and bored to feeling sick with stress and working late every night, there are plenty of reasons that a job may not leave you feeling fulfilled at the end of the working day. Identifying what kind of role would challenge you a healthy amount is the first step to making sure you reach your full potential.

  • Businesses often recruit in the new year

January is usually when businesses set their budgets for the coming year, meaning they have some budget available for recruitment. They are also likely to be considering making structural changes for the new year, which often includes adding new members to the team – so it’s the perfect time to get cracking!

  • Self-reflect and change your perspective if necessary

Doing everything in your power to secure a job that will improve your overall quality of life is one thing – but you may also need to adjust your mindset. If you often find yourself dwelling on the negatives or looking for excuses not to do something, a new year is the perfect time to self-reflect and discover how you can change your thoughts to better serve your goals.

  • Our friendly recruiters are here to help

Our customer-centric ethos means we go the extra mile to find just the right job for you. If a new career opportunity is what you need to start the year with a spring in your step – get in touch with our friendly and experienced recruitment team. We specialise in a range of industries: Sales and Marketing, Operations, Business Support, Accountancy and Finance, and Customer Service. We therefore know these industries inside-out, and so are well-placed to help you out.