Are you adjusting your interview technique and preparing properly?

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Friday, April 03, 2020

We are currently experiencing what for many of us, is a new way of working. In any business it’s functionality relies heavily on it’s ability to hire and retain staff. This is particularly the case in difficult times and let’s be clear, the next few weeks fall into that category.

Many of our clients have had success this week which shows that businesses are still in the mood to hire and taking a pro-active approach which will inevitably help them in the long run. Wherever safe and sensible I am seeing that the early bird really does catch the worm.

I have also seen a number of my connections utilising their network with posts and videos detailing the sad stories of their unexpected redundancies and I am keen to point out that there is hope. The key thing we can all do is ensure that the basics are covered off. First and foremost the CV, but once that is sorted and you get invited to a Zoom/skype/hangouts interview what is next?

Video interviews can be daunting as it is not something that is often utilised, however we are now at the point where almost every interview being booked in the coming weeks will be conducted in this manner.

With that in mind here are a few easy steps to make sure you get the basics right and give yourself the best chance of getting the job of your dreams.

1. Dress to impress – You may not be there face to face but treat it exactly as if you were. Avoid the comic stance of casual on the bottom business on the top. I have heard many a horror story about this.

2. Location – Sounds an obvious one, but this is important. Avoid sitting on the sofa. You may not have a study or separate room to use but make sure you strike the balance between comfort and professionalism. The best place is invariably the kitchen table.

3. Tidy up – Make sure the sides are clear or cushions well positioned this is all part of you so make sure you’re not letting your sharp appearance down by leaving piles of laundry in the background.

4. Set up – Make sure that your device works and that it is situated as well as possible. Avoid a selfie style interview, if you have some kind of stand or tablet holder that would be great, but a laptop is almost always the best option. Test your connection with a friend to make sure you don’t hit snags during the interview.

5. Distractions – If you live with other people make sure they know not to disturb you. If you have children, find alternative care and if you have pets shut them out. It sounds cruel but Rex won’t mind once you’re bringing home the premium dog food that your new-found expendable income has enabled you to buy for him.

6. Read the room – It’s harder to do this as we can’t pick up on physical cue’s but make that extra effort to keep yourself from going off-piste or talking over people.

7. Leave a great impression – That’s what any interview is all about isn’t it? Make sure that when you are saying goodbye you give keep it friendly, professional and succinct.

Hopefully this has been helpful in some way and if you are actively searching, you will be able to see through the doom and gloom and secure your next position. If you would like further assistance with preparing for a video interview, then feel free to give our Recruitment Team a call on one of the numbers below.