5 ways to stay cool in the office

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer is in full swing, your work colleagues are on their holidays and your stuck fanning yourself with a folded promotional leaflet, the temperatures are rising and you may now find the walls of your office have started to close in on you like burning bricks of lava. Fear not, here at Plus One Personnel we have compiled the top 5 methods to stay cool in the office during the heatwave! Read on and feel the breeze


Wardrobe choices are key in the struggle to stay cool. Avoid fully lined suits and if you have to wear a tie and a jacket to work, carry them with you and put them on once you’re at your desk. For the rest of your outfit, heat is trapped by synthetic fibres, while natural fibres like cotton and linen absorb perspiration, causing you to feel cooler. Shorts however are not suitable with a suit jacket!


Staying cool despite the heat when commuting is not just about staying sweat-free—Music can help you calm down and maintain a cooler head despite the hassles found on your daily route. It’ll also help drown out the sound of the 15 fans you have whirring around the office!


Drink plenty of cool water. During summer, you sweat more, and you have to rehydrate so aim for 2 – 3 litres of water a day. Keep bottled water in the freezer it will stay cooler longer allowing you to sip as it defrosts. Also don’t forget to setup the office ice lolly rotar, everyone loves a Twister on a Friday!


Electrical objects give out heat so turn off anything not in use, such as light bulbs, your computer and printers! Make sure your boss is aware of your efforts too, the saving in electrical may contribute to the office Christmas party!


Cooling the pulse points where central veins pass, helps cool the blood. Run your wrists under a cold tap for five seconds each, every couple of hours. This is surprisingly much more effective than leaving the work toilets after drowning your hair in 30 gallons of water every hour!